Lucinda L'Enfant

Gulfport, Mississippi

Acrylic Painting

Lucinda L'Enfant is a Mississippi Gulf Coast native, where her bold, bright, colorful works and talent stand out in the local competitive art scene. Following a career in the US Navy, Lucinda has returned to her love of painting - creating murals and participating in high-profile art shows all along the Mississippi Coast. In addition to her art career, Lucinda works as a registered nurse.

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Crab 24x48

Deux Koi 24x36 - $600

Ferris Wheel - $40


Happy Happy Joy Joy A Fly and a Bumble Bee - $120

Maritime Seafood Industry Museum Mural

Large Koi 24x48 - $700

Black Light Burns - $240


Octopus - $40

Elephant - $500

Go Fish - $140

Ruth's Roots Piana

Team Zissou

Ruth's Roots Mural - $40

Steamboat Whimsy 36x48 - $750

Pug Love - $40

What Kind of Bird - $145

Pelican - $240